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Matt Boylan-Smith Musician

fahl Boylan-Smith Musician Matt Boylan-Smith MusicianPosted November 26, 2013, by Julia Watters I have always loved music, always sung but never thought it was something that people would want to come watch. Matt Boylan-Smith is a self-described travelling troubadour, whose travels have already landed him in some pretty amazing venues alongside some Australian music icons. Having shared a stage with performers such as Ash Grunwald, Tim Friedman, The Choirboys and The Potbelleez, he is edging ever closer to the headliner spotlight himself. Matt recently performed at the Australian Independent Music Awards, where he was a finalist in the Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter category, as well as at the 40th anniversary celebrations for the Sydney Opera House. We spoke to Matt about why he chose the life of a muso and what has helped him turn his passion from open mic to Opera House. Did you always want to be a musician? I thought everyone always wanted to be one? Alas, this is not always the cas e. I have always loved music, always sung but never thought it was something that people would want to come watch. Only since my first couple of years at university did I want to become a musician, and even then it was something that evolved out of happenstance. What was your first instrument? I played a little piano at school, but nothing more than school level. I was always interested in different instruments, the sounds they could make and their histories, but never gave it much practical attention. With this in mind I would have to say that my first instrument was the guitar. When did the music dream start for you? It started at university at open mic nights and playing around with friends. It seemed like a fun thing to be involved with and was a central parte of peoples socialising. In a self-actualisation sense, it came when I walked past a second-hand music store and laid hands on my first real (stage) guitar. Upon owning and playing a quality instrument I felt I had to play it with the skill it deserved, and at that point I started to see myself playing music professionally. What has been the highlight of your career so far? I have a few, but recently I was asked to perform at the Sydney Opera House as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations. Just being backstage in the green room knowing the performers who had been there in the past was overwhelming. What is one of the most challenging things about life as a musician? Its sometimes quite a solitary existence. Although Im not afraid of quiet introspection, sometimes its difficult not partaking in normal, socially accepted work. What is your study background? I studied Communications Advertising at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. If you could go back a few years, what would you do to help your music career? I would have started working harder on my writing. Its something you have to constantly work on. Being able to write good copy doesnt necessarily mean being a great songwriter. Who is your ul timate music icon? Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver. Hes freakishly talented and constantly pushes boundaries with his music. Apart from that, his obscure lyrics are thoughtful and thought-provoking. You can find out more about Matts musical journey and see his upcoming gigs on his website. ResourcesMy first resumeCover letter for my first jobCareer Insider StoriesShelley Lask - Body Positive Health & FitnessInterested in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerGeneral ManagerBusiness ManagerAccountantOffice AdministratorPopular Career Searcheshow to become a journalist in australiajournalism tafediploma of communication and media onlinemedia buying and planning course onlinecertificate iv in communication and media CoursesBachelor of Social WorkEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Health AdministrationEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Criminal JusticeEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Allied Health AssistanceEnquire Online Enquire OnlineJulia WattersRelated Arti clesBrowse moreEMPLOYER RESOURCESWork etiquettePreventing the spread of flu in the officeWith winter almost upon us, flu season is approaching so it would be wise to start thinking about what you can do to help prevent catching and spreading the dreaded lurgy.Career FAQs welcomes Southern Cross and Deakin UniversityCareer FAQs welcomes Southern Cross University and Deakin University as two new tertiary education partners.ChristmasVolunteeringChristmas - Tis The Season To Give BackChristmas is the season of giving and what better gift to give than your time Weve put together a list of volunteer ideas, from gift wrapping to becoming a digital mentor, to get you in the warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit.

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Customize this Outstanding Entry Level Massage Therapy Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Entry Level Massage Therapy Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Entry Level Massage Therapy Resume TemplateThe job market for massage therapists continues to grow as more people learn about the benefits of massage. If youre entering the industry, a resume is the principal way for you to show recruiters how well you meet the requirements for their open positions.The specialized training youve undertaken to become a qualified massage therapist should be included in a clearly marked section of your resume. Hiring managers also look for keywords to show you have the skills theyre looking for, so tailor your resume to fit the description of the job.This entry-level massage therapy resume sample shows you how to structure your resume and what to include to ensure you capture an employers attention. Create ResumeNathan Cook100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019. The entry level massage therapy resume sample includes a plethora of vital skills, such as custome r service, as well as a variety of massage techniques like Swedish massage, aromatherapy, sports massage, and hot stones.3. Whats the best length for an entry level massage therapy resume?For an entry level position, a resume should be one page long. It can be challenging to utilize white space efficiently to make sure your document is substantive and contains no fluff. Recruiters dont favor short resumes candidates who turn in less than one page risk looing inexperienced or lazy. However, the process is easier than you think. Our resume builder is a simple way to create a professional-looking resume in little time. You follow step-by-step instructions to fill out each section. Writing tips also help eliminate writers block. The result is a perfectly balanced and eye-catching document similar to our entry level massage therapy resume sample that wows recruiters.4. Whats the best way to list certifications on your entry level massage therapy resume?Massage therapy requires specialize d training. The best way to point out your qualifications is to list them under the education section, which is typically located on the bottom of a resume. In our entry level massage therapy resume sample, the official personenname of the certification or license is in bold to make it easy to read. The jobseeker also included the completion year and location.5. How do you list references on an entry level massage therapy resume?References can be important for showing hiring managers youre reliable. While not showcased on our entry level massage therapy resume sample, they are nonetheless a useful element to add if theyre requested in the job description or if youre looking to effectively fill white space on your document. Simply create a new section on the bottom of your resume, beneath the education section, and list the name, location, official title or relationship, and phone number of two or three people you know.More Beauty and Spa Resume TemplatesMassage Therapy Resume Templa tesEstheticians Resume TemplatesExperienced Estheticians Resume Templates

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5 Ways to Make Money in the Middle of a Resume Gap

5 Ways to Make Money in the Middle of a Resume Gap5 Ways to Make Money in the Middle of a Resume Gap A resume gap might seem a bit scary to navigate, but it doesnt have to be. Whether you were already planning time off between jobs or lost your job due to an uncontrollable circumstance, there are ways to take control of the situation - and still earn money and valuable experience while searching for your next career opportunity.Here are five ways to make a resume gap work for you.Theres a freelance job for virtually every line of work copywriting, social media management, product konzeption, graphic design - the list goes on. Search for freelance jobs relevant to your career field, and work on your own time.The good thing about freelance gigs is that, generally, theyre flexible. If youre busy applying for full-time jobs, freelance work gives you the freedom you need to attend interviews at all times of the day while still earning extra money .In todays digital wo rld, its easier than ever to start your own business. You can work as a consultant for another company or create your own consulting gig. This type of work exists in many different fields, and its important to pick a niche where you have deep knowledge and experience on a subject.While that path to becoming a consultant might differ depending on your field, its essential that you build your brand and start networking to be successful. Consulting can be a good option if your gap between jobs will be a prolonged period, such as a year or longer. This way, you have the right amount of time to build up a client base and obtain even mora skills to list on your resume.Do you have a hobby or skill people would pay for ? Maybe you bake delicious cakes or are good at detailing cars. Armed with those skills, talk to friends and family, and start advertising your services.If people will pay for something you typically offer for free or do as a favor, hone in on that and market yourself as a legitimate business. Make some cheap business cards and get your name out thereThe infinitely growing gig economy is a great way to supplement your income, even if a task wont necessarily benefit your career. Look into pet sitting, ride sharing, delivering groceries or even renting out a spare room on Airbnb. Dont feel like leaving the house? No worries you can still make money from the comfort of your own home through methods like investing in real estate on the web, working as an online bookkeeper or selling old items you dont use anymore.If you think earning an income through the gig economy is right for you, keep up your professional life by going to networking events, volunteering or interning part-time. These events can still be listed on your resume while you earn an income with other jobs on the side.This might not make you much money right now, but learning something new you can put on a resume could mean more money in a future job. Maybe youre only somewhat familiar w ith CRMs- take a course and master Salesforce, and youll quickly become the go-to person in your next office.Better yet, learn some hypertext markup language or CSS coding from a free online resource . Or look into Coursera or Poynters News University , where you could earn certifications in fields such as marketing, journalism and online media.Ready to enter the workforce again? Here are a few helpful tipsfor mentioning a gap on your resume or in an interview.You dont have to be afraid of your resume gap. Leverage this time and use it to your advantage - learn relevant skills, get a certification in your field or explore new career opportunities. Good luckJacquelyn Pica is a writer at The Penny Hoarder . Find her on Twitter JacquelynTPH .

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How Nanomaterials Can Transform Manufacturing

How Nanomaterials Can Transform Manufacturing How Nanomaterials Can Transform Manufacturing How Nanomaterials Can Transform ManufacturingNanomanufacturing is the production of nanoscale materials, devices, and systems, which are then used in manufacturing to produce high-performance, innovative, next-generation products. Manipulating materials precisely at the nanoscale can seems hard to believe.Nanotechnology researchers typically operate in the range of 10 to 100 nanometers or less (in comparison, a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers wide). At this scale, materials take on new physical properties that can greatly enhance the performance of manufactured products.Nanomaterials can be engineered to improve properties such as strength, flexibility, durability, lubricity, and also be resistant to numerous environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and corrosion. When combined with their lighter weight, these materials can be ideal for automotive and aerospace applicati ons.According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), a federal program established in 2000 with the goal of making the U.S. a global leader in nanotechnology, there are two types of nanomanufacturing top-down or bottom-up. Top-down fabrication starts with a block of original material and systematically reduces it to the final nanoscale product. With the bottom-up approach, products are created by building them up from atomic- and molecular-scale components, which gives engineers more manufacturing methods to choose from.One of these methods is roll-to-roll processing, which manufactures nanoscale devices on a roll of ultrathin plastic or metal in high volumes. This is a popular method for next-generation consumer electronic devices, especially wearables. Korean scientists have recently developed highly productive roll-roll-process technology that can continuously transfer and package a range of large-scale integrated circuits (LSI), a breakthrough that could help realize t he next generation of flexible electronics, including application processors, high-density memories and high-speed communication devices, writes Laurie Donaldson. Possible future flexible consumer electronics made with roll-to-roll computers, wearable smart devices, and implantable biomedical devices.Researchers are creating a new class of nanolaminated materials. Image ModumetalAutomotive and AerospaceNanomaterials are critical for improving product performance and creating new, innovative products that enhance manufacturing. For example, an inexpensive nanotechnology process increases the strength of metals such as steel by as much as ten times, making it much more resistant to corrosion. Announced in 2015 by Seattle-based start-up Modumetal, the process uses electroplating to create a multilayered coating, where each nanolayer is only a few nanometers thick and made from a different material. The final coating greatly increases the life span of the original steel, making it ideal for oil and gas equipment, bridges, and other major infrastructure.Nanomaterials are especially in demand in automotive and aerospace top applications are light-weighting vehicles and spacecraft. According to NNI, reducing the weight of a commercial jet aircraft by 20 percent can reduce its fuel consumption by as much as 15 percent. A preliminary analysis performed for NASA shows the development and use of advanced nanomaterials with twice the strength of conventional composites would reduce the gross weight of a launch vehicle by as much as 63 percent.Not only could this save a significant amount of energy needed to launch spacecraft into umlaufbahn, states NNI, but it would also enable the development of single-stage to orbit launch vehicles, further reducing launch costs, increasing mission reliability, and opening the door to alternative propulsion concepts.Carbon nanotube sheets are being used in next-generation air vehicles. Their light weight and conductivity makes them idea l for applications such as electromagnetic shielding and thermal management. Other nanoscale products in the automotive industry include high-power rechargeable battery systems, thermoelectric materials for temperature controls, tires with lower rolling resistance, high-efficiency/low-cost sensors and electronics, thin-film smart solar panels, and fuel additives for cleaner exhaust and extended range.Communication and the IOTThe Internet of Things is based on communication between machines and devices, which requires sensors to collect, transmit, and manage/analyze data. Advances in nanoscale sensors and devices continue to improve the monitoring of equipment, leading to higher productivity. Nanotechnology has also greatly improved computing and electronics, leading to faster, smaller, and more portable systems that can manage and store larger amounts of information. For example, transistors have been greatly reduced in size through nanotechnology.At the turn of the century, states NNI, a typical transistor was 130 to 250 nanometers in size. In 2014, Intel created a 14-nanometer transistor, then IBM created the first seven-nanometer transistor in 2015, and then Lawrence Berkeley National Lab demonstrated a one-nanometer transistor in 2016.Nanoscale sensors are also critical for flexible electronics, especially those embedded in wearables. NNI reports that other nanomaterials like graphene and cellulosic nanomaterials are components in flexible electronics that enable wearable and tatauierung sensors, photovoltaics that can be sewn onto clothing, and electronic paper that can be rolled up.Making flat, flexible, lightweight, non-brittle, highly efficient electronics opens the door to countless smart products, states NNI.Limitless PotentialNanotechnology and nanomanufacturing are revolutionizing many manufacturing sectors, including information technology, defense, medicine, transportation, energy, environmental science, telecommunications, and electronics. Perha ps the most intriguing intersection of technologies will be 3D printing and nanotechnology. Nanomaterialsfor example, carbon nanotubesare being used in 3D printers. And 3D printers have already printed objects as small as a few microns.In an interview posted on, Ray Kurzweil, a noted entrepreneur, engineer, and Google executive, states he believes that the exponential breakthrough in manufacturing will happen around 2030, when nanotechnology and 3D printing are fully integrated.The ultimate revolution will take place when we start printing designs fabricated from individual atoms, he says. Exponential growth is always surprising. Its going to keep happening and its going to be delightful.Mark Crawford is an independent writer.The ultimate revolution will take place when we start printing designs fabricated from individual atoms.Ray Kurzweil, entrepreneur

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Social Security and Medicare Benefit Changes for 2017

Social Security and Medicare Benefit Changes for 2017Social Security and Medicare Benefit Changes for 2017If you are nearing retirement age or already receiving Social Security benefits, its important to stay on top of any changes that may be occurring. Currently, there are some 60 million recipients, a number that grows by 10,000 daily (until 2030).Medicare spending by the government hit record highs as of 2016. The good news is that Social Security benefits are projected to be available until the year 2034 when it will drop to 79% of promised benefits for those aged 45-47 now. The bad news is that Medicare premiums are going up, while the cost of living adjustment (COLA) will only be around 0.2% for 2017. There was no COLA in 2016 because inflation rates did not increase. Some retirees have already begun to receive letters from the Social Security Administration indicating their cost of living increases will be just a few dollars. Medicare Hospital Coverage totenstill Safe Whil e Medicare Part A hospital coverage will be 100% funded until the year 2028, it comes in at two years fewer than it was projected in 2016, which has many worried that out-of-pocket expenses will be rising in the coming years. Premiums are going up for a portion of Medicare Part B only recipients in 2017, depending on if members are getting a COLA or not. This increase impacts 70% of Medicare recipients, with the other 30% held harmless. Part B Increases Expected for Top Earners in 2017 The most recent information on Medicare premium increases comes from AARP, The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and, in which top earners can expect the steepest rate hikes. Increases are expected to be around 22 to 25% up from 2016, focused on Part B premiums. The 30% held harmless by COLA guidelines can expect an increase of $2.70 mora a month in 2017. The 70% not held harmless by COLA will increase based on earnings (above $85,000) in the range of $27.20 to $149.00 a month in 2017. Those in the highest income brackets will see the biggest premium increases of $380.20 to $467.20 a month. Medicare Part D, coverage for prescription drugs, is expected to increase from $34 to $40 per month, and the deductible will increase from $360 to $400 annually. Lower-income Medicare recipients can expect their states to pick up any additional costs for premiums and out-of-pocket fees. What Medicare Recipients Can Do to Prepare for the 2017 Premium Increases According to The Street, there are some things that Medicare recipients can do now to prepare for the projects premium increases for 2017. Seniors are encouraged to work with a financial planner to determine the best use of their retirement incomes, as well as choose the right Medicare Part B product if they are in the $85,000 income bracket or above. Other ways that seniors can save money on medical and prescription expenses now is to schedule any and all medically-necessary procedures before the end o f 2016, to take advantage of lower rates. Many have already reached their annual out of pocket maximum for the year so that medical costs can be covered in full. Going into the 2017 plan year, seniors are encouraged to find alternative ways of meeting their monthly premiums and out of pocket costs. One way to save money is to find a zero to low-interest credit card that offers cash back for all purchases, and points programs to use for other expenses like travel and angeschlossen shopping. Medicare recipients can also take advantage of free and low-cost health screenings at local health care centers and clinics. Routine, preventative care can help maintain good health, which can cut down on expensive emergency care and surgeries. Medicare Part D recipients should take advantage of home medication delivery with 90-day supplies which cuts down on deductibles and transportation costs. For the most expensive or newer brand name medications, seniors can apply for special programs operate d by the nations largest pharmaceutical companies to get free and reduced cost drugs. Whenever visiting a doctors office, ask for drug samples before filling a prescription, an effort that can save you a couple of hundred dollars per year. When it comes to medically necessary surgeries or other costly procedures, consider clinics outside of the USA that can provide safe medical care at a fraction of US rates. There are many top-rated clinics in Asia, Mexico, Europe, and South America.

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Customize this Boilermaker Resume

Customize this Boilermaker ResumeCustomize this Boilermaker ResumeAccording to the 2016-26 outlook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of boilermakers is projected to grow by 9 percent, with estimates of additional jobs reaching 1,500 within this period. While the job outlook remains positive, job seekers need to present a well-packaged resume to be competitive and grab positions in the highest paying industries like construction and manufacturing.Boilermaking requires a broad range of skills - including assembly, maintenance, and repair - and employers generally seek well-rounded workers, so be sure to specify your skills and provide certified documentation of your apprenticeship and training. It also helps that details of your work experiences provide a gauge of your stamina and strength, as the job is a physically demanding one.Impress prospective employers by using the boilermaker resume sample below. Create this Resume Pamela Borden2197 Pine StreetPittsburgh, PA 152 12(222)-181-4664p.bordensmail.comObjectiveLooking for a job position in an established manufacturing and fabrication company as a Boilermaker to expand skills and enhancement of knowledge in boilers. Summary of QualificationsAbility in operating and maintaining boilersExcellent mechanical skillsExpertise in various computer application and operating systems related to line of workKnowledge in modern boiler technologyProfessional ExperienceBoilermaker, January 2007 PresentNORESCO, US ResponsibilitiesMaintained and repaired locomotives.Operated various boiler machine tools and equipments.Performed welding tasks as necessary to complete the work.Rebuilt locomotive engines and mechanical parts.Maintained and repaired mechanical and locomotive parts.Boiler Helper, May 2004- December 2006Ellis Medicine, Schenectady, NY ResponsibilitiesLocated and marked reference points for columns and plates on foundation.Assisted the crane operator in attaching rig to lift components on a specified pos ition.Assembled boiler frames by aligning structures or plates section.Performed maintenance and cleaning activities.Assisted in testing assembled vessels by pumping water or gas under specified pressure into vessels.EducationBachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 2002Yale UniversityCustomize ResumeMore Sample ResumesBilling Specialist Resume Blogger Resume Board Member Resume Board Of Director Resume Bodyguard Resume Boilermaker Resume Bond Trader Resume

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Top Guide of Should You Put High School on Resume

Top Guide of Should You Put High School on Resume Every section takes a slightly different strategy. Make a list of absolutely whatever youve done that may be useful on a resume. While the functional resume format may be an attractive choice for job seekers with minimal experience, most employers would rather have a chronological or hybrid resume format. Whatever resume format you opt to use, be certain your format remains consistent throughout the document. There arent lots of ground rules when it has to do with writing your high school resume. Its important in the vorstellung the name of your college is well-known. The majority of the time whilst writing a high school resume, an individual might think whats the usage of mentioning the personal details in the resume. Continue reading to learn more, and dont neglect to have a look at our sample high school resume for inspiration However tempting it may be to stretch the truth, lying on your resume is always a poor idea. T here are a few things you shouldnt include in your resume. Your resume may be screened by somebody in human resources who does not have any idea what it is that you are speaking about. Youre able to leave off the remainder of your degrees in that scenario, especially if theyre in precisely the same discipline. The Appeal of Should You Put High School on Resume If you maintain your resume updated, are always going to have it ready to go once an opportunity presents itself. Most grad programs require some kind of private statement, which is where youll receive the ideal opportunity to inform the school why your experiences and interests make you the very best candidate for the program. If you currently have experience in the area, its also wise to avoid listing your GPA and pay attention to your experience instead. Your experience should address every essential qualification in the job announcement. Whatever They Told You About Should You Put High School on Resume Is Dead Wro ng...And Heres Why Below are a few examples of the kinds of activities you may include on your resume. Its possible to discover a variety of great, totally free templates that are simple to work with for your high school resume. Since you likely dont have a good deal of Work Experience, you can include your Achievements as an individual section. In case you have Web Series credits, you can earn a section for that as well. In some instances you might have a gap of a couple of months or more between leaving a job and receiving a new job. Therefore, taking the opportunity to thoroughly craft a new version for each job youre applying to is usually advised. Even in the event that youve never held an official job, its still true that you have life experience thats applicable to the work search. Only your existing job ought to be written in the current tense, Gelbard states. If youve got little to no work experience, a coursework description can demonstrate you have the wisdom a nd skills needed for the job via your education. You could also have volunteer experience. To find experience, you will need to construct a strong one, yet to create a strong one, you require experience. Just make certain to highlight any important projects you worked on or any cultural experiences you wouldnt have gained elsewhere. The Unusual Secret of Should You Put High School on Resume Its helpful in order to provide a prospective employer some feeling of who you are on a more personal level. Because its an upcoming date, employers will know you havent graduated yet. When employers review your resume, they ought to be in a lokalitt to work out quickly what you did at a specific job. You desire a possible employer to feel like youve focused your resume on them specifically. Should You Put High School on Resume - the Conspiracy If youve resolved to return to school after a couple of years in the workforce, you should set your work experience prior to your education. Fo r children and teens who might not own a lot on their resumes, they ought to incorporate any school or community theater productions theyve participated in, in addition to classes theyve taken. Its vital to understand how to list your education on a resume at each stage. Its possible to mention your upcoming education plans too. Should You Put High School on Resume - Is it a Scam? Lastly, the location of the school is a great article of information to get, but it isnt crucial. The proportional length of each work description is essential. Youre going to want to tailor your resume to the work description. Maintaining brevity and pertinence in the information that you decide to include should guide your range of appropriate resume items.